It’s go time

Okay America, it’s time to dust off our hands, put our boots on, and get to work. It’s time to stop complaining about the election. Yes, it happened. It doesn’t matter who you voted for. The situation is what it is. It’s not that I don’t see the same things that you do. I am a woman. I’ve heard the disgusting things that have come out of Trump’s mouth. Yet, by focusing on this and choosing to use hateful remarks to discuss him is simply spreading the disease.

The day after the election, I had the privilege of attending Summit at Sea, a 3 day seminar on a ship. Think Ted Talks, with a lot of interesting people who often greet each other with hugs. The mood post election was palpable. There were many people so shaken that they were in tears. Luckily though, the speakers at the convention brought forth a story of hope, change, and inspiration. Over and over again, I heard that change doesn’t come from our government leaders, it comes from our communities. This information was so impactful to me. I’ve been guilty of┬ápassing the responsibility to the select few who are in charge. This has not only caused me frustration, but it has enslaved me to our government. Since I’ve been back I have felt empowered to build a community that fosters respect, openness, and hopefully change.

It’s time. It’s time to meet your neighbors. It’s time to develop authentic connections. It’s time to find like minded people to stand up for whatever it is you believe in. It’s time to stand together and unite with love in our hearts and respect for one another. It’s time to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.