Being present

It has occurred to me several times that I’ll most likely never have a “successful blog”.  I stink at social media and therefore  I’m not good at promoting my blog. Truth is, I’m just busy being a Mom. Often I think of tweeting or posting on my blog’s facebook page. Sometimes I even have my phone out and I’m mid-tweet but I get interrupted and I never get around to finishing it. That interruption is usually Brooks tugging at my leg wanting to be picked up, or Brooks falling down and me rushing to his side. I love capturing pictures of Brooks. I love sharing them with our family in Ohio and with our friends all over. Time on my phone; however, no matter the reason, is still time away from Brooks. Yes, I’m with him all day. It’s not that I think that I need to be engaged with him 24 hours a day. It’s just that sometimes we get too caught up sharing the moment and not enough time actually living it.

Chris and I had this conversation recently. Like all working parents, Chris only gets to spend a couple of hours with Brooks on workdays. Chris loves social media and unlike me, he actually knows how to use it all. Often, he’ll catch himself checking Instagram or Facebook when he’s spending time with Brooks. I do it too so I definintely understand. Everything on Instagram looks cooler than it actually is. Too often we are looking at pictures of other people having fun and feeling like we are missing something rather than just being present in our own lives. Recently, I have started praying that I will become more present in whatever I’m doing. This is especially important to me when it comes to Brooks. I’m already realizing how fast time goes. He’s getting bigger by the day. It seems that he’s turned into a toddler overnight.

I know that each day with him is a blessing. These years are so formative and I know I’ll look back on them with such fond memories. The most important thing to me is my relationship with my family. Raising my son is not a glamorous job but that doesn’t make it any less important. In five or ten years, if I still only have a handful of blog followers, but I have a strong relationship with Brooks and endless memories of all of his “firsts”, then I will know that things are exactly as they should be.

Today, regardless of how tired I am, regardless of my case of the Monday’s, today, I will be present. I will enjoy the beauty that is my son.