Starvation diet: Week 1

Well I have survived the first week. This is the longest I’ve gone without coffee in years. My diet hasn’t been perfect but overall I think I’ve been doing really well. Last week I was thinking that I would write down everything I ate so that I could post my log but quite honestly I’ve been too tired and too busy to manage that. So far today I’ve had:

Breakfast: green tea, Body Ecology Vitality Super Green, flaxseed mixed with water, coconut milk, and walnuts

Snack: Kevita Kale & Lemon Tonic, Dandy Blend (tastes kind of like coffee) with coconut milk

Lunch: Butternut Squash Lasagna from Factor 75, homemade chicken soup (garlic, onions, carrots, celery, endive, chicken)

Typical snacks are SeaSnax seaweed, nuts, avocado with olive oil and salt. For dinner, I’m making lamb, mashed cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. Most days I eat eggs for breakfast with some veggies or a green drink. It has definitely been challenging finding products that are allowed on this diet. Almost all cold pressed juices that I find contain at least one fruit and almost everything else contains canola oil or sugar. Even the beef jerky that I was hoping to snack on has sugar. I spent a lot of time at the grocery store last week reading labels. Actually, I’ve had to be more mindful in general. There have been a few instances that I almost mindlessly took a bite of something that I’m not allowed to have.
Last weekend we went to Michigan for our good friend’s wedding. I didn’t drink at all Friday night knowing that I was going to cheat the night of the big event. My doctor suggested that I drink vodka on the rocks after I told her that I was going to drink. I had 2 1/2 vodka waters with lemon and lime. I would have much rather had a glass of  wine but that’s definitely off-limits. I cheated but I didn’t go crazy so I felt good about it.

Other than alcohol, I think I’ve eaten too many potatoes, tomatoes, and bacon (not totally off limits but not ideal). I haven’t had any grains for the past week and the only fruit I’ve had is lemon & limes in limited amounts.

As for supplements, I got a new multi-vitamin from my doctor and I bought the Now Foods Candida support vitamins from Amazon. I also got the Body Ecology Digestive Care Multipacks a few days ago so I’ve been alternating between the two. I’ve continued taking my probiotics, fermented cod liver, vitamin D, vitamin C, and Garden of Life Herbal Immune Balance Sinus. I’ve also added Aloe Vera juice and Body’ Ecology’s CocoBiotic to my daily diet.

Overall, this diet has been tough but not terrible. Sure, I miss my coffee, wine, dark chocolate, and fruit. It’s weird not having my morning smoothies. I made muffins for the boys today and I couldn’t even taste them. I do; however, think this is working. Last week I was struggling a few days with headaches and fatigue but this week I’ve been feeling pretty good throughout the day. I feel less congested and I’ve been sleeping great at night. Generally it takes me 15-30 minutes to fall asleep but not this past week. Mostly I’ve been out within several minutes of lying down and sleeping really deep. It’s hard to describe but I also feel like my body is ridding itself of yeast and toxins.

Five more weeks of this seems daunting but I’m going to take it one week at a time. I’m hopeful. I’m also really looking forward to a cup of coffee.

Until next week…



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