Gluten hangover

A week or two ago I wrote about our gluten-free, dairy-free diet and I mentioned that I don’t feel very different. Well, last Friday night Chris and I were out for drinks and we were hungry so we decided to get a late dinner. Chris had decided that he was going to have a “cheat” day and he was just told about a great ramen place around the corner. Since I’m weaning and almost done nursing, I figured that I could cheat too and have gluten.  (Maddox is way more allergic to dairy than wheat/gluten.) We enjoyed a delicious dinner of spicy ramen. It is worth mentioning that all night I only drank two small (they were free so they were legitimately small pours) glasses of wine and about three sips of a cocktail. I didn’t feel like having a drink with dinner so my last drink was about 10 pm. After dinner we headed home to bed. Chris was already complaining about being overly full with an upset stomach but his dinner was way more spicy than mine so I figured that was it. I honestly didn’t feel any different other than stuffed. That was until the next morning. Maddox woke me up around 7 am and I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was exhausted. I had a terrible headache, and I was majorly stuffed up. I also realized shortly after that I had dark circles around my eyes, they were puffy, and strangely they itched. I looked like I had partied all night or at the very least had more than two drinks. I also noticed that I sneezed all day which was weird because I had just been telling Chris the night before how great I had been feeling. Since I hadn’t been over served and Chris was suffering from many of the same ailments as I was, I definitely blame the gluten. Prior to last Friday, I hadn’t had it in about 6 weeks and I can say now that I have no desire to have it again anytime soon. I couldn’t believe how lousy I felt. Luckily my symptoms slowly disappeared throughout the day and despite my three glasses of wine Saturday night, I woke up feeling like myself again on Sunday.

I decided that I had to write this for two reasons: #1. I don’t want to forget how lousy I felt #2. I just recently told everyone that I didn’t notice any difference after I removed gluten. I had believed this to be true until last Saturday. It’s interesting to think that while we may feel fine, we could possibly feel better. Now that I know the difference it will be way easier to stick with this whole gluten-free thing. Plus, it’s actually getting easier. I have found some delicious replacements. Slowly, we are all turning into a gluten free family. More to come on that another day.



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