Letter to my second son


To my baby boy,


I want you to always know how much you are loved. I will admit when you were busy growing inside of me I worried if it would ever be possible to love another child the way I love your brother. When you were born my instincts took over and I knew that I would do anything to protect you. Sure, I loved you from the start but over time I have fallen for you head over heels. See, I didn’t realize that both of my boys could be so special in such different ways. Maybe I thought that since I already had one son that I knew what it meant to be the mother to a boy. I didn’t know then how much you would teach me. We recently celebrated your first birthday and I can tell you that sometime over the past year, you have changed me in more ways that you’ll ever know. You have challenged what I thought I already knew. You have grown my heart even bigger. You have shown me what I was missing in my life without even knowing it. I want you to know that you were made out of love and that we always wanted you. Unsuspecting people ask us if we would like to have a girl. Sometimes I think that these people are asking us if we had wished that you had been a girl. The answer is no, my love. It is you that we wanted. Daddy and I both were ready for a baby and it is you that we longed for. You were and still are the perfect addition to our family. Regardless of what this life brings you, always know that you are loved and you are a part of us. Always and forever, Your Momma

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