Off schedule

Yesterday we got home from our ten day tour of Ohio. We had a family member’s high school graduation party one weekend and a friend’s wedding the next so we decided to stay for the week. Overall everything went really well. Sure, it’s a bit challenging living out of a suitcase for a week. It’s also no fun sharing a room with our baby  who forgets how to sleep through the night every time we travel. Regardless though, each day was a new adventure and everyone adjusted pretty well.

We got home mid-day yesterday and after some unpacking the boys and I went out back to play. Apparently it had rained quite a bit recently because our deck was pretty wet. Since both boys were covered in dirty water and sand, I decided that we’d go in and get them bathed before I made dinner. Sure, this is a really small adjustment in their schedule but I started thinking about it while I was cooking dinner and I realized how good it is for me to get out of my routine. I’m a planner. I get anxiety when the boys are late (or miss) naps, or mealtimes, or anything else planned. While this scheduler part of me can be very helpful and does maintain order in our household, I also know that it can be to a fault. It’s a constant battle for me to appreciate this part of me while also calmly telling her to shut up. And while I know that the world won’t crumble if no one gets a nap one day it’s much better for me to live it than to try to convince myself.

That’s why even though there were challenging parts of our Ohio trip, I’m also so thankful for it. We spent amazing time with family and friends, we went new places, and showed the boys a little more of where we came from. Just as important though, it forced me out of my habits and while this can be an uncomfortable place to be, it’s also the only way to grow. Hopefully, for at least a little while, I can take a deep breath and relax.

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