The people we meet

A few days ago I carried my toddler kicking and screaming out of the gym. He was pissed because he wanted to go upstairs to get a smoothie and since I had Maddox in the stroller (and because he hardly ever drinks much of the gym smoothies) I said no. Brooks being the stubborn little man that he is went up the stairs anyway. Since he disregarded my requests to come down, a nice lady offered to watch Maddox while I went up to get him. When I got to the top of the stairs he proceeded to crawl away from me laughing. He only found it funny until I actually caught up to him, picked him up, and carried him out like a football. The lady watching Maddox told me (through the screaming) that she has two boys, now in college, and that someday I’ll miss these days. I responded with “Maybe not this day”. She kindly said, “You’ll be surprised”. As I continued to carry Brooks out I couldn’t stop the sweating but I managed to hold my head up high. I met stares head on with a smile on my face. Usually I would be mortified but that lady’s words had stuck with me.

I often think about the daily encounters that I have. I’m a strong believer that God uses us all for vehicles of messages he has for us. At that moment I needed to hear that. Instantly she helped me to change my perspective.

I try to remember this as I hurry through my days. A few positive words can brighten a day. Sometimes all we have to do is slow down so we don’t miss them.

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