Just the four of us

I’ve finally realized that if I keep waiting for the perfect time to write a post, I’ll never get to it. I’m typing on my phone right now as Maddox sleeps on me. His favorite way to sleep is with a boob in his mouth which gives me lots of time to catch up on my social media and not much time to do anything else.

Many people have asked me how it is going from one to two kids and the answer I usually give is, “busy”. My life is like an ill run circus. I’m constantly juggling and generally falling just a tad bit short. Getting out of the house with these two and our endless stuff feels like an Olympic event. Often I’m sweating by the time we are all in the car and no matter how hard I try we are always running 5 minutes late (probably more like 15, don’t judge). If one or both of them aren’t crying though, we’re having a good day.

Many people warned me that it’s “exponentially” more difficult going from 1 to 2 and although I agree it’s challenging, I also find that some parts are easier. For one, I don’t have time to be completely anal about everything like I did when it was only Brooks. I find this to be kind of liberating. Perfection is light years away so good enough is suddenly looking really great. Secondly, going from 0 to 1 child is a huge life style change. I remember being overwhelmed with the task of caring for another person 24 hours a day. Since I’ve already been doing that for the past two years, this doesn’t seem to be nearly as daunting. Chris and I have learned to be less selfish and more planned out which helps a ton. Also, let’s face it, this time around I have a great care giver that I love and trust so I already have help (a much needed two days per week).

Overall I would say being a family of four has been good for us. Brooks has adjusted surprisingly well and as much as I feel guilty that he has to share me, I also know it’s the best thing for him. Chris has stepped up to the plate (post IronMan) putting Brooks to bed, helping me clean up, etc. As for me, I have great days and really hard ones but overall it’s been good for me too. I know how blessed I am to have two healthy babies and not a day goes by without me thanking God and reflecting on that. Sure, I may often walk around like a zombie with spit up on my clothes, but then I look at these adorable little faces and for the moment, it’s all that matters.


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