The start of 2014

Sorry that I haven’t written for a while. I have blog topics swimming around my head but I don’t have the energy or the motivation right now to do the research and actually write about them. To say things have been hectic seems like an understatement. Chris, Brooks, and I drove back to Ohio to celebrate Christmas the Friday before the big day. I was just getting over my cold and unfortunately Brooks’s was just starting to gain steam. We spent almost a week in Ohio which was really nice. We were able to celebrate with both families and although it was busy it didn’t feel like too much. The only down side is that Brooks’s cold turned into croup. I was very concerned about this because we were heading to stay with my brother and his family which included our 10 day old niece. Luckily Brooks somehow didn’t infect any of his 3 cousins and despite fevers and that awful cough, we had a really nice time. The day after Christmas we packed up our overly loaded SUV and headed back to Chicago. We had less than 24 hours at home before heading to the airport on Friday to fly to Big Sky, Montana with friends. We thought that Brooks was on the mend but apparently we were wrong. During our almost week stay there, he had high fevers on multiple days in a row and after two trips to the medical clinic he was finally diagnosed with ear infections. Meanwhile, in Ohio, Chris’s Dad took himself to the ER because he wasn’t feeling well and over the course of a few days we found out that he had suffered a heart attack about three weeks prior and he needed the tear in his heart to be mended as well as bypass surgery. We were packing up to leave Big Sky on the Thursday, January 2nd when the nurses told Chris that they were transporting his dad to Cleveland Clinic and that he should get there that night because he could have surgery as soon as the next morning. Considering that Chicago was experiencing blizzard-like conditions, I was sure none of us were getting anywhere. Amazingly we all got where we needed to that night. I took a very tired Brooks home and Chris flew on to Cleveland. The next morning, Friday, Brooks woke up with a 103 degree fever despite being on antibiotics for several days. He also developed a rash. I decided to take him in to the pediatrician on Saturday to make sure his ears were healing. I ended up back at the pediatrician yesterday for what is now a raging rash all over his poor little body. The good news is that his ears are healing and the doctor’s said the rash is likely viral and not a big concern. The bad news is that I had the pediatrician look at my ear to confirm what I already knew: my head cold has caused me to have an ear infection. Yuck. Hence, why I’m too tired and lazy to do a little research and write a post that is not solely about my life.

As for Chris’s dad, he had surgery on Monday and he came through it very well. He is starting the long process of recovering. Regardless of the fact that I feel like hell, that it’s been subarctic conditions in Chicago, and that we had practically been snowed-in, I’m feeling very blessed. Brooks is feeling better and he still has his Pappy. I’m also 13 weeks pregnant and I had an ultrasound on Monday to check for genetic abnormalities. Not only did I get to see the little one bouncing around in my tummy but all of the markers that they tested for came back as low risk.

I’m sure that we will continue to face adversities throughout this coming year. Life isn’t perfect, but I know that I will continue to count my blessings. My family is safe and healthy (pretty much). We have a warm home to shield us from this brutal weather. We have a lot of love in our lives. We have a lot to be thankful for.

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