Kind words

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only 8 days away. I, like many of you, feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with no head. I always laugh to myself that even though it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” you certainly wouldn’t know it by the people you encounter throughout the day. Typically, I feel like people are in more of a hurry so they are more impatient and often rude. This isn’t of course, always the case. I’ve been thinking the last few weeks about two women that work at our gym. One of the ladies is the locker room attendant and the other works in the parking garage. Both of these women literally brighten my day each time that I see them. Even though they are working when I see them, they always seem to be in a good mood and it’s contagious. Each of them take the time to say hello or often to have a conversation. Usually I’m the one in a rush so I’m the one that cuts our conversations short but occasionally I slow down and just enjoy their company. Last week when Brooks and I were leaving the gym we encountered the lady who works in the garage, Nikki. I had to park pretty far away from the entrance that day so instead of carrying Brooks like I usually do, he was walking next to me. He was holding one of my hands and Nikki came up and held his other hand. She walked us all the way to the  car. On separate occasions, Brooks has given me a hard time in the parking garage (usually because he doesn’t want to hold my hand when he walks or he wants to be held), and Nikki has come up to us and she makes him laugh and he forgets all about being mad at me. These may seem like small gestures and maybe they are but I remember them and I find them important enough to share.

Too often we all hurry through our days. I’m guilty of this too. I become absorbed in Brooks and/or what we have to do next. I don’t pay attention to the people around us. I realize that I should. Sometimes all someone needs is a smile to help turn their day around.

I just finished a book called “Thirteen Reasons Why“. It’s a story about a high school girl who committed suicide. The girl records tapes of the events that happened to her to lead her to such a dark place. Some of them seem like small, almost trivial events, but each event is linked to the next and it creates a “snowball effect” where everything becomes bigger than when it started.

I don’t think that many of us stop to realize the impact that words can have on people. I haven’t told Nikki or the other lady at the gym how I feel but I plan on it. As cheesy as it is, I want to tell each of them that they are a blessing. That just by being themselves and taking the time to share their joy, they make my day a little better.

During this very busy time of the year, I think it’s important that each of us remember that what’s really important is not what’s lying under the tree but who we are all year and how we treat each other.

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