Acupuncture for wrinkles- follow up

It’s been three months now since I did my origional post on Acupuncture for Wrinkles. At that time I had only had one or two treatments. I was particularly interested in the line that has developed between my eyebrows. Two acupuncturists that I spoke with had told me that I would need 8-10 treatments to notice a difference. I’m had ten treatments since then. I did seven of the ten with Angie at Acubalance Chicago, where I went specifically for facial acupunture. Although I was really happy with Angie and her whole approach to facial acupuncture, I decided that I wanted to deal with some other issues I’d been having besides my wrinkles. For this reason, I decided to back to The Nest, where I went when I was pregnant with Brooks. I could have stayed at AcuBalance for any of my acupuncture needs but I felt more comfortable going back to Sae at The Nest since the issues I wanted to deal with were female related (I’ll spare you the details). I’ve had four sessions at The Nest and three of the four sessions Sae has needled my face, spefically the dreaded line. (Some of my other issues have gotten better as well but I’ll save that for a future post.)

So after weeks of treatments and hundreds of dollars spent, do I see a difference? Was it worth it? Would I recommend acupuncture for wrinkles to others? The answer is, I think so. The thing is that none of the lines on my face are actually gone but I do think they are less pronounced. A few weeks ago, I was sitting with my Mom bare faced and she said, “Wow, where did that line go?”. Keep in mind that for 1. She’s my Mom and 2. She recently got contacts and has been having some issues adjusting to them. More recently, I was sitting on a plane next to a girl I went to college with and I noticed that her face looks exactly like it did in school. I suddenly became very self concious of all of my lines. Being the blunt person that I am I asked her why she doesn’t have any lines on her face, “Botox” was her answer. I can tell you right now that acupuncture doesn’t compare to botox. Acupuncture is; however a lot safer and has added benefits but we’re talking wrinkles here and there’s really no comparison.

Below are my “before” and “after” pictures although I’m not sure you can really see any difference. The only thing you can see is that I stink at taking selfies. I didn’t realize there is skill involved in this but apparently there is. I always end up looking mean or cross eyed. Please try not to judge.

IMG_1070Me after acupuncture

Aside from acupuncture, I’ve been trying a few other new things for my wrinkles. For starters, I finally bought myself a silk pillowcase. I’ve been told that will help to decrease wrinkles if you sleep on your face like I do. I also bought these weird sticker things called frownies. Basically you are supposed to sleep with them on your face and they will prevent you from frowning or creating lines while you sleep. I’ve worn them but only when Chris is out of town. There is clearly nothing sexy about going to bed with a nude colored sticker on your face. Finally, I’ve had a few facials which I have really enjoyed.

After all this, I’m not sure I can recommend to you that you run out and get facial acupuncture, but I’m also certainly not saying not to get it. I plan on continuing acupuncture for a while and I’ll continue to have her needle my face. Since I enjoy the treatments so much I figure I have nothing to lose.


One thought on “Acupuncture for wrinkles- follow up

  1. I can see a difference. Your face looks firmer, more even toned and brighter! I commend you for sticking with the most natural approach; but also encourage you to try and not let wrinkles and lines get you down. Age is a badge of honor, and a privilege denied to many. Xoxo

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