Soup…it’s what’s for dinner


Vegan Lentil Soup

Vegan Lentil Soup

I’ve been on a major soup kick for the last month or two. The cold weather makes it the perfect healthy comfort meal. Over the past several weeks I’ve made chicken noodle, butternut squash, vegan lentil, potato and leek, and chili. Several of these I’ve made several times already. There are so many great things about soup. For starters, they are all relatively easy to make. Yesterday, I whipped up vegan lentil soup during the first 30 minutes of Brooks’s nap. I let it simmer for about an hour, turned it off, went out for a play date, and came home to a delicious dinner that only needed reheated. Brooks has become a big fan of soup as well because I give him his own little bowl and although he’ll take a few bites (or attempt to) with the spoon, mostly he’ll drink the soup out of his bowl. I feel good knowing that these soups are packed with veggies. My other favorite thing about soup is that one pot will feed us for several days. Tonight’s dinner will be tomorrow’s lunch and possibly dinner again on Thursday.

I’ll admit that I’ve used recipes for all of the soups that I’ve made except for the chicken noodle. The chicken noodle prompted a call to my Grandma to ask whether I should cook the veggies first and then add the chicken or cook the chicken first. (She recommended cooking the chicken first).

soup- CNMy veggies all cut up and waiting to be cooked

The chicken cooking and my veggies all cut up and waiting to be cooked

A quick google search of any type of soup will give you loads of recipes. The vegan lentil one pictured at the top came from I’ve made it twice now because I like it so much. Both times I used black beluga lentils because they have the most protein out of all of the lentils and this last time I accidentally used more crushed tomatoes than the recipe called for but it still turned out delicious. Soup really is very versatile so you could easily whip one up with whatever you have on hand. It seems almost all soups start with diced onion, celery, and carrot. Cook these for a few minutes in some olive oil and then add spices, veggies, and broth and you bam, have yourself some soup.

I’m sure I’ll continue making soup throughout the winter so check me out on Pinterest if you are interested in recipes. I’ll only share the ones that are worthy. I think the next soup I’m craving is split pea…sounds gross but it’s delicious.


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