Workout of the week

I realize that I haven’t posted a workout in quite sometime. The reason is because I was training for my triathlon for the past few months but since it was cancelled (yes, cancelled…) I have time to do other workouts besides swimming, biking, or running. I would like to think that I could share a workout every week but realistically not all of my workouts are worthy of sharing. This past Sunday I sat down and planned out my workouts for the week. I find that this helps me to stay accountable and also since I need to plan for childcare I kind of have to plan ahead. Here’s my workout schedule for this week:

Sunday: run

Monday: swim

Tuesday: lift butt & legs, run

Wednesday: spin

Thursday: swim

Friday: yoga

Saturday: off

Obviously the only workout worth sharing this week is the one I did on Tuesday. I haven’t lifted for months so I was pretty pumped to get back to it. I decided to do what’s called a “ladder”. Tuesday was the first time I’ve actually done ladders but I have done “countdowns” which is half of a ladder. Let me explain. So basically, you pick two exercises and you do them back to back starting with 10 of each, and then 9 of each, and so on down to 1 of each. If you are doing a countdown then you are done. If you are doing ladders, you have to go back up starting with 1 of each and ending with 10 of each.  My workout for Tuesday was a 1 mile warmup run on the treadmill and then 2 ladders. The first was box jumps (click here for instructions by ACE fitness) and burpees. So I did 10 box jumps followed by 10 burpees with no rest, then I did 9 of each exercise, then 8, and so on down to 1 of each, and then I went back up to 10 of each. I couldn’t do it without taking breaks but I would try to knock out a few sets before taking 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest. When I got to the bottom of the ladder I took a 2-3 minute rest. It was brutal but I loved it. After that, I did another ladder of squats using a smith machine (click here for a video demo by  followed by kettlebell swings (click here for a demo by Men’s Health). I was planning on running another mile at the end of my workout but I ran out of time because I had only booked Brooks in the daycare for 1 hour. Regardless though, I’ve been feeling this workout big time. My legs are super sore but it feels amazing.

You could make this workout easier by choosing easier exercises. For example, you could do bodyweight only squats and jumping jacks. So you would do 10 squats followed by 10 jumping jacks, then 9 squats and 9 jumping jacks, then 8 of each and so on. If these are new to you then start with a countdown and work your way up to a ladder. You could also do push-ups and lunges, or mountain climbers and sit ups. If you want to make this workout more difficult then you can add a push-up when you do your burpees, you can always add more weight (I used 50 lbs for my squats going down the ladder, and 40 going back up. I used 30 kg kettlebell), and/or take shorter (or no) breaks. If you are really crazy you could do burpee to a box jump as one exercise and pull-ups as your second.

Regardless of where you are on the fitness spectrum, get out there and do something! Even a 10 minute walk is better than nothing. No excuses. You only get one body. Take care of it. You may even surprise yourself and like it.

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