Acupuncture for wrinkles

acupuncture 3

I love talking to strangers. I feel like new people always have something to teach me and I get excited when I uncover these hidden secrets. This was exactly the case when I struck up a conversation with a nice girl (I use that word loosely, she was an adult but woman sounds too old to me) at a 4th of July party. She told me that she’s a chiropractor and she also practices acupuncture. I’ve had both and I’m a big fan. What I was surprised by was when she starting talking about doing acupuncture for wrinkles. She explained that she occasionally needles her own forehead to boost collagen and therefore, prevent (in her case) or treat wrinkles. She went on to tell me that it takes 6-10 treatments to notice a difference but that it does work. I felt like I just won the information jackpot! Some of my friends have started getting botox and although I’m not against it I would like to find a more natural way. I’m particularly interested in getting rid of the frown line that is forming between my eyebrows. A natural solution to this problem…sign me up! Since the girl I met practices in the suburbs, I went online and googled “acupuncture for wrinkles chicago” and found Angie at Acubalance Chicago. My first session was about 10 days ago and I had my second session yesterday. Angie takes a holistic approach so although I’m there for facial acupunture, she also needles other parts of my body for overall wellness. Both times I went in feeling fatigued and left feeling much more refreshed.

acupuncture 2 acupuncture 1

Angie starts with the needling and then does facial massage followed by a herbal mask. The session is about 45 minutes long and I fell asleep both times for at least a few minutes. Although I can’t see a difference yet I’m really hopeful that after 6-8 more sessions I will.

While I was in the waiting room, I picked up a few brochures on acupuncture. Studies have shown that acupuncture is helpful to reduce chronic pain as well as boost fertility. The way I see it is that I have nothing to lose but the wrinkles and if that doesn’t happen maybe it will help me in other ways.

I’ll check back in after I’ve had 6-8 sessions with before and after pictures. Fingers crossed!

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