The little things in life

I’m feeling tired but also a bit sentimental. Brooks and I are in Ohio and have been since last Friday when the three of us (Chris included) drove to Catawba Island to spend the weekend with friends. I was really excited about the weekend and I had a wonderful time. On Sunday when we drove to Cleveland to see my parents, I was feeling very blessed. We have so many wonderful people in our lives. I’m so lucky to have a handful of really great girlfriends. I’ve figured out over the last few years how special true friends really are and how they are difficult to come by. Of course, like any relationship, they take time and attention, but to have even one or two true friends is an amazing gift. Meanwhile, I’ve spent the week at my parents house which is only a mile from my brother and his family. Seeing Brooks play with his cousins makes me so happy. Since we live in Chicago and our families live in Ohio, it always worries me that Brooks won’t know his family. Seeing Brooks crawl up to my parents or other family members and raise his little arms to be picked up, warms my heart. It is the small moments in life that truly seem to be the most special.

Brooks and my dad

People always tell you that everything changes when you have a baby. While I don’t think that everything changes, I certainly do think that your priorities and outlook on life change. Time becomes much more precious and the people who were always important become even more so.

Tomorrow Brooks and I will pick Chris and his cousin up from the airport and head to Youngstown where we will spend the rest of the weekend with family. We are celebrating Brooks’s first birthday on Sunday and we are expecting 50-60 people. While some may say that is ridiculous, I can’t help but be grateful. We have a lot of love in our lives and for that I’m eternally thankful.

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