Feeling motivated




Yesterday was a nasty day in Chicago land. It was at most 50 degrees with a light mist and gusty winds. Still, I stood in Hammond, Indiana at Leon’s Fastest Triathlon and cheered on my husband, Chris, and our friends, Ben, Jessie, and Marc. Meanwhile in the city, three of my girlfriends ran a 10K. Poor weather didn’t stop any of them. Secretly, I was kind of happy not to be doing the triathlon. Originally, I was supposed to. The plan was Jessie and I were going to do our first triathlon together with our husbands. We picked Leon’s mostly because the date worked and the guys had done it last year. The Miami triathlon was really just a stepping stone…it was practice for the real thing. Luckily, we were able to do the Miami tri together. Due to my surgery, I wasn’t able to do Leon’s. Let’s be honest though, 50 degrees and rain is like my worst nightmare. I hate to be cold. I also hate to be wet. I was really impressed with Chris and our friends for sticking it out. Not only did they all finish, but Chris beat his time from last year by about 30 minutes. That’s crazy. Standing on the sidelines I felt many of the familiar emotions of doing a race. I was excited and nervous but mostly I felt inspired. There is such a wonderful sense of camaraderie and sense of an accomplishment when you finish a race. Today I signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon in September. Also, I’m going to do a 100 mile charity bike ride in August. I’m sure the night before and the morning of both of these events I will ask myself why in the hell I decided to sign up in the first place. I’ll complain about getting up early. I’ll worry about the weather and mostly I’ll worry that I didn’t train enough and that I won’t be able to finish. Then the event will start. It’ll be go time. There will most likely be moments when I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish but I’ll push through it and keep going. I’m not sure how many races I’ll have to do until I’m no longer nervous or until I don’t question whether or not I can do it. Maybe that day will never come. Maybe if it does, it won’t be worth doing them anymore. Funny too that I’m feeling so motivated at a time when I can’t workout. I’m still recovering from my surgery so I have at least another week until I can work out at all and definitely a few weeks until I can start really training. This new motivation is partly “the grass is always greener’ syndrome. I guess that’s why I decided to write this. Most likely I’ll need a reminder in a few months as to why I signed up for all of these crazy events. I think about that sometimes while I’m running. There are people who will never get the opportunity to know what it feels like to run. I’m blessed that I’m able to and for that reason alone I hope to continue.

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