Super women



On Wednesday Chris, Brooks, and I flew to Miami and then on to Turks and Caicos. We were on the second leg of our trip when I noticed a mother carrying her small child along with a large diaper bag full of stuff. As I watched her it occurred to me how strong women are. A few months ago my parents were visiting us down in Miami and my mom was trying to get Brooks to sleep. She held him and rocked him for an impossibly long time. I remember thinking that I knew her arms must be sore because mine certainly are when I hold him that long. Still my mom never complained. If we look around we’ll see this all over. A very pregnant mom is walking her daughter all around the resort trying to get her to fall asleep. We hold, rock, and soothe our babies until we think we can’t possibly do it any longer and yet we do. To me it’s not that different than the competitive sports that I do. Sometimes you feel like you can’t go on, you have nothing left to give, but then you dig deep and you find that you do in fact have more. As a mother you’ll do anything for your baby. In this game you don’t get a medal at the end but on this Mother’s Day I would like to give all the moms out there a pat on the back. Being a mom can be be tough work. Your needs are always second to your children. Still, it is an incredible gift to be a mother.


With in the last few months I have had two friends who have given birth without an epideral or any other medicine. Men are always thought to be the strong ones and in many ways they are but I believe that women have a special, different kind of strength. It is often unspoken and maybe unnoticed but it is certainly remarkable.

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