Chiropractic care for babies

 My husband has been going to a chiropractor for years. Personally I thought it was a bunch of b.s. I didn’t see the point and I didn’t feel I had a need for it. That was until I was about 32 weeks pregnant. I was in a spinning class and I was pushing it a bit too hard. At least I think that’s when it started. Regardless, I ended up with sciatic nerve pain and it was brutal. I couldn’t do much without feeling some level of discomfort. Getting in and out of a car was painful. Walking was uncomfortable. I was miserable. I became determined to fix it. I went to my OB/GYN. She sent me to physical therapy. I tried that a few times with no relief. I had prenatal massages which felt amazing but only offered me temporary relief. While I was interviewing a doula, I told her of my discomfort and she recommended I try accupuncture and a chiropractor…well not just any chiropractor. She recommended Dr. Maj from Community Chiropractic. I thought it was really strange that she recommended a chiropractor and I was somewhat apprehensive about going. Was it even safe to see a chiropractor while I was pregnant? Honestly I didn’t know but I did know that I was desperate. So I called and made an appointment. The staff at Community Chiropractic was amazing. Dr. Maj did a whole analysis prior to treating me and most importantly I starting feeling better after my first adjustment. Literally a week and a half after my first meeting I was totally pain free. I was thrilled and I became a believer. I continued seeing Dr. Maj throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I saw many other preggers in the waiting room and even more interesting, I saw many babies and kids. I heard first hand from a few different mothers how beneficial chiropractic care had been for their children. A few weeks after Brooks was born I started going back to get adjusted. Dr. Maj offered to do a free analysis of Brooks and she did. She said he looked good and had minimal trauma during childbirth. About a month or so later while I was getting adjusted, Brooks was sleeping in his carseat in her office and Dr. Maj asked me how he was doing. I told her that he had been really fussy. She said the reason she had asked was because his head was so crooked while he slept. She asked if she could see him. She did some minor adjustments on him. There were no cracking bones or anything traumatic. It looked to me like she stretched him a bit and pressed on some pressure points. Then she dangled him upside down. I watched as he wiggled his head and body while upside down. She explained that this was helping him to adjust his spine and it also stimulates his nervous system which helps to build his immunity. She recommended that we dangle him everyday. He honestly seems to enjoy it. 

Brooks has been going to the chiropractor off and on now his whole life. There were times during the first 3 months when he would have colic like crying and I would take him in. Part of me believes he may have been a colicky baby had he not had chiropractic care. Sound crazy to you? Research has shown a significant decrease in crying in colicky babies when treated by a chiropractor. Although research is still relatively new in this field, studies have also shown less ear infections, bed wetting, and behavior problems in children under chiropractic care. Even more interesting to me, are the case studies that have shown a significant improvement with children with autism. In fact, in one small study of 14 autistic kids, after only 3 months of twice weekly treatments, 2 of the 14 children no longer met the criteria for autism. Only 3 of the 14 children did not show any improvement. “Overall, the study noted that the most common clinical aspects of improvement were in communication, verbal skills, eye contact, mood, and physical sport skills.” Being that April is Autism Awareness month I think the improvements in these children are especially important to note. You can read all of these studies if you click here and you’ll find additional research here.


It may be nothing more than coincidental but Brooks got adjusted almost two weeks ago on a Monday and started crawling the following Wednesday (as in 2 days later). I may never know for sure if chiropractic care had anything to do with when he started crawling or if it decreased his colicky-like crying. Even if he never has another ear infection I won’t be able to say for sure if it’s because of his adjustments. What I do know is that even if chiropractic care isn’t drastically improving his life, it’s also not causing him any harm. I believe he sleeps longer after his adjustments. He is a happy, healthy little guy and I will continue to take him to see Dr. Maj as a part of his overall care. 




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