Why I’m glad I tri’d



I finished my first triathlon today. It was a classic distance which is a 1/2 mile swim, 19 mile bike ride, and 4 mile run. I’ve been training for the last three months and for the most part I felt really good today. The swim is in the ocean not the bay and it was a really choppy day so the swim was brutal. I was warned before that you swim on top of people but still I wasn’t prepared. I got kicked in the jaw (luckily not very hard) and kicked multiple times. To be fair I also kicked other people. There was no way around it. Regardless, I did the swim in 20 minutes which I was happy with. I was slightly concerned about the biking because I’ve only been on my bike about five times. I basically did one spinning class a week for the last few months. The classes at FlyWheel are only 45 minutes. I finished the bike portion in an hour and five minutes. The bike was my favorite part. We rode over two bridges which cross the bay and it was a really beautiful ride. My legs were getting a bit sore but I felt like I could have gone further. As for the run, I ran the whole time with my friend so that made the run kind of fun too. We did the run in 37 minutes. Overall, I actually enjoyed myself. I had been really nervous last night and this morning. I had a sinus infection this week and a baby with both ears infected. I felt tired and under prepared. Chris reminded me that of course I would be nervous. Just like I wrote in my last post, new things are always a bit scary. Once you do them you realize that they aren’t nearly as scary as they sound.





I’m really happy that I did my first triathlon. I finally took the time to learn how to swim and I really enjoy swimming (preferably in the pool). Also, I think I could really get into cycling. The whole thing was new, scary, and exciting. I’m happy to say that with your support, I raised $1,230 for St. Jude’s Hospital. Thank you so much to everyone that donated! I think it is such a great cause. I saw my baby today on the run and it brought tears to my eyes. Our little ones are so precious and St. Jude’s helps so many kids.


I’m not sure when I will be able to do another one. I had originally been training for an Olympic distance in early June but I have to have an ovarian cyst surgically removed in May so I’m not going to able to do that one. Even if I don’t do another one for a few years, I know at some point I will.


As for now, I’m going to keep doing the same things I have been while I was training but also incorporate more yoga and actually start doing my butt exercises (more to come on that). I think I’ll enjoy not having to stick to a training program for a little bit. When that gets old, I’ll find a new goal. I already have one in mind….

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