Equipment Free Workouts

A friend, and former client, of mine recently asked me for some workout ideas that she can do while traveling. She travels for work and doesn’t alway have access to a gym. I was thinking about this and I realized that a lot of people don’t have access to a gym so I came up with the following workouts. Personally I don’t want to have to read a piece of paper while I’m working out to know what to do next so I tried to make each of these workouts easy to remember but challenging to complete. As you’ll see below, I also rated the difficulty. That way you can pick one for your fitness level or for your motivation that day. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do an hour workout for it to count. Sometimes 20 minutes of blood pumping work is all you need.


Ladders: I happen to love doing ladders and many of my former clients already know what these are. Here’s the deal: choose 2 exercises and do 10 of each, 9 of each, 8 of each, etc until you do 1 of each. If you are feeling really strong, you can go back up the ladder: 1 of each, 2 of each, etc until you reach 10.  Try not to rest until you are done with the ladder (down to 1 & 1 or back up to 10 & 10 if you are hard core). Then take a 2 minute break and complete the next ladder.


Workout 1:

Difficulty: Hard

Ladder 1: Burpies, Jump squats (Do 10 burpies in a row, then 10 jump squats in a row, 9 burpies, 9 jump squats, 8, 8…ect.)

Ladder 2: Push ups, Jumping lunges

Ladder 3: Plank ups, inverted shoulder presses


** Complete ladder 1 then rest for 1-2 minutes, complete ladder 2, rest, complete ladder 3, and congrats you are finished!! **



Workout 2:

Difficulty: Medium

Ladder 1: Jumping Jacks, Lunges

Ladder 2: Dips (on the floor or using a chair), Squats

Ladder 3: Back extensions (lying face down on the floor), sit ups


Workout 3:

Difficulty: Medium to Easy

Pretend boxing- I recommend using your phone as your timer here.

2 minutes jump rope (with or without the rope), 2 minute punches, 1 minute active rest (marching in place). Repeat for 4 x’s

* You can make this really easy by alternating the intensity or the time. For a beginner, I would recommend: 30 seconds fake jump rope (jumping rope without the rope), 30 seconds punches, 30 seconds of rest. Repeat this until you have completed 20 minutes of exercise**


Workout 4:

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

20 squats

10 push ups

20 front lunges

10 burpies

20 reverse lunges

10 plank ups

Do each exercise back to back until you have completed the plank ups. Then rest 1-2 minutes and repeat.

Repeat 4 x’s


I hope you find these useful! Remember, any activity is better than none. Try one of these workouts today. If you can only do 5 minutes then start with that. Tomorrow, maybe you can do 6 minutes. Regardless, you’ll feel better when you are done than you did before you started.

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